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    Vet-IT is a non-profit organization that helps veterans find employment through apprenticeships. We offer a transparent and cost-effective solution for employers, while providing veterans with wages that aim to match industry standards. By entering your information into our form, you will be added to our bench of qualified candidates.


   When a job opportunity comes in, we will reach out to you with the details. These roles are first-come-first-serve, so be sure to respond promptly.


  We currently have apprenticeships available for IT Generalists, Application Developers, and Cyber Intel Security Analysts.


   If you're a veteran and don't see your field, you can help us better serve the community by filling out our short request form. As a pre-apprentice, you'll have access to extra resources and training that will aid your job search, and you'll be prioritized over other candidates who haven't been pre-screened.

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